more than speed and a high detection rate...



Faster preparation, faster scanning, faster recognition, faster filing and, if TopDown is used, even faster loading of your documents. The algorithm that drives paperCMD is patented and so computational resource friendly, that it can easily be ported to other platforms like Firmware for MFC devices or network scanners.


The second big advantage is the flexibility of the algorithm. It can easily be adapted to all kinds of scanners, paper types (even colored papers are possible) and almost all text markers and always have a very high recognition rate (> 98%). As long as the markers are contrasting each other and the paper good enough, paperCMD will recognize your markers.

Ease of Use

The easy handling with filings and filing plan simplifies your daily work and avoids ambiguities. This way, all document will the file where they belong and can be retrieved later. While easy to use, the system is still powerful enough to support complex filing plans.


As an additional unique selling point paperCMD is the only program available that can sign not only PDF but TIF in an embedded fashion. With this you can create revision safe TIF files without further requirements. Signed once, the documents can no longer be modified without invalidating the signature.

Fulltext OCR

Create fulltext searchable documents directly from paperCMD. Either searchable PDF or TIF documents with additional .TXT file. The recognition rate is high and paperCMD uses all cores of a modern CPU. To avoid slowing the scanner down the OCR process put into a separate process that is started after the documents have been split and sorted. It will run automatically, before the files are moved to their final destination. Because it runs before the TopDown format conversion, you can have a high-resolution OCR result and a low-resolution small file size at the same time.


Let your colleagues know that documents have been scanned for them. With just one additional stroke of a textmarker. Because paperCMD can file to multiple destinations at once, so a document can the filed to an archive and send to the corresponding person within the same process. You can even have the document arrive at the different destinations in different formats. A TIF for the archive, a PDF in the email. All of that with just one additional stroke of a textmarker.


TopDown is our idea of scanning documents with high (Top) quality for best OCR results and afterwards reducing (Down) the resolution and store a significantly smaller document. Halving the resolution reduces 3/4 of the pixels! Thats why you can set the storage resolution in paperCMD independent of the scanning resolution. Different filings may even have their own specific resolution and file format. Tailored to the specific use case.

The future of scanning is just few clicks ahead of you

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